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Delivering Your Email to UCI Gmail

Step 1: Sign up for UCI Google

IMPORTANT: If you don't have a UCI Google Apps Account created before changing your delivery point, new email sent to your email address may be lost.

Step 2: Set your email delivery to UCI Gmail

  1. Go to UCI Phonebook Update. (Login with your UCInetID and password.)
  2. Go to the email section. You have the option to use "OIT MailBox Services" or "UCI Gmail Services".
  3. Select UCI Gmail Services
    Email delivery point form example
  4. Click the Submit Change Request button.
  5. Your @UCI.EDU email will now be delivered to your UCI Gmail address

This will send any new email to your UCI Gmail account. Any messages in your old OIT Mailbox Services account will not be transferred over by default. You will need to copy them over (see Step 4 below).

Note: You do not have to forward your <UCInetID> email address to Gmail. You can continue to use your standard OIT Mailbox Services as your primary UCI email address.

Step 3: Configure your email client

IMPORTANT: Remember to use your full as the username and your UCI Google Apps password when using the instructions.

Step 4: Move your UCI Email to UCI Gmail

If you have mail currently stored in your UCI email account, you can copy your email over to UCI Gmail. Here's how!

  1. Set up your UCI Email in the same mail client as your UCI Gmail account. To set up your UCI Email account, see the OIT Email set up page and choose the client you would like to use.
  2. If you haven't already, set up your UCI Google Apps account using UCI-specific information together with Google's email instructions (see Step 3 above).
  3. Once both accounts have been set up, drag and drop email between the two accounts. This will copy email from one account to another.